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Core Foundation Development Institute (CFDI) is committed to the development aspects of life in a two fold fashion. First and foremost is in the development in people towards their God-given abilities and natural inclinations, and secondly in developing physical properties and environments to be more effective for the kingdom. Learn more about CFDI »

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Winter 2014 Update

Latest News from CDFI

 Cahone Springs Ranch Update       Winter/ Spring 2014

Many things are moving forward “down on the Ranch”.  For those who haven’t heard what we’ve been up to the past few years, we purchased a property in SW Colorado between Dove Creek and Cortez almost 3 years ago.. I’ve been working on it in the Winter or “off season” and have focused on building out the water rights. Our long term plan is to utilize it for ministry as a retreat and training center utilizing alternative energy, re-purposed building concepts, and as a sustainable demonstration property.

We were busy transporting tanks this last week for storing water on site. Many thanks to Roy and David Brown of Brown Brothers Construction in Durango for donating a 10,000 and a 5,000 gal. fiberglass tanks. They will be used up above the top of the property to store much needed water if the creek dries up in late July.  The tanks will aid in providing the much needed dependable water supply to allow us to grow crops, trees, veggies, etc. for the future. We were also able to get a deal on a re-purposed tank from Justice Water Service in Pagosa Springs and are very great full for their support.  Now we are looking piping next to connect the Springs and stream to the tanks.

We have been able to move forward on other projects this Winter such as getting the septic tank in and leech field together for the “bunk house” and finishing the large roof over the it also. We were also able to get the propane gas in for stove top, refrigerator, generator, and ready to install a room heater and water heater. We hope to tackle the plumbing in the bathroom so we’ll have all the comforts of home.

We are looking to purchase the neighboring property to the South and have been working  on this for a few years now.  I feel it will be an incredible asset towards expanding the ministry opportunities and make room for others to be involved and provide room for livestock also. We’re hoping to raise the additional Down Payment funds to finalize the purchase as the owner is wanting to include a 40’ 5th wheel camper with 4 slides outs (if you know of anyone looking to purchase one.)

Thanks and keep us in your prayers. We are looking to have our first major retreat on the this Summer the week of August 11-18th, 2014. Please set the date and plan on joining us.  Email;

JET Sets

Everything you need to conduct open air evangelism through the use of modern video projection technology.  WE HAVE ONE DEMO SET LEFT that’s available for 1/2 price. (normally $6K , selling for $3K to a qualified ministry) . Due to the many advances in technology, we will be discontinuing these sets.  See more »

Memo Wrists

A stylish, fun and effective way for anyone who’s seeking after Jesus to hide the Word in their hearts. See more »