Cahone Springs Project

We purchased the 36 acre Property (April 2011)and are moving forward.

Overlook to the South

Winter at Cahone during an Initial Site Visit

From Mountains to the Canyon

The Cahone Springs Property borders the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument on the West( with Anasazi Ruins 15′ off property line) and has 2 ea. 160 acre BLM tracts to the North with two Anasazi Kiva ruins just one property over. My son Joshua and I went hunting (lots of deer and 150 resident elk residing in the canyon yr round) and we started to notice old tree stumps that were rounded or conicle shaped. I knew enough from previous treasure hunting to know this was Spanish Explorer signs. We later realized that the old main Spanish Trail went through the corner of the property down Cahone Canyon, two more canyons and up to Dove Creek. This was pretty exceptional for me as just two yrs earlier I took the boys on a road trip from Cortez¬† CO to Moab UT to trace the old Spanish trail in hopes of some sign. ( more history to come)


THE Property is in Cahone canyon at the edge of the Canyon of the Ancients , 3 miles West off T road at the Montezuma / Dolores County Line, 20 miles N of Cortez, 12 miles S. of Dove Creek ( 2 miles S. of Cahone, 3 miles N. of Pleasant View) at MM 49.5 off CO 491. Go West on T road 2.5 miles to end of road to locked gate. Turn Right on Main Subdivision road till it turns a hard right just before the fence line and follow it to the West and it ends right into our drive. Call and we’ll meet you at the gate to be sure it’s unlocked.

Temp Housing Moved in and developing.

Development Begins

We were drawn to the property because of the water developement potential. There is a year round stream and a spring on it with 3 types of water rights applied for including 5 acre feet of storage rights , 15 acres of irrigation and .5 cfs of available water for use from the stream and the spring. The previous owner wasn’t able to do any developement on it and the property had been idle since the 1950’s. First line of business…. build a road to access the creek.

Work Begins on Roadway

Weekly Calendar

Vision for the Cahone Springs Property

We’re excited to share with you the latest undertaking by the Zaugg Family, friends and associates. This project has been the initial fullfillment of a 33 year vision for a Vocational Training facility.(see more on Turning Point) Our desire is to develope this property out as a Retreat and Training Center that will demonstrate a variety of pertinant educational aspects from Alternative Energy, to Sustainable Agriculture, to Repurposing materials. It is also our intent to develope an Intentional Christian Living Environment that will forcus on living the abundant life found in Jesus Christ.

SOIL HEALTH: The Soil Health and development is taking place now via the Soil Secrets products line which will enable us to grow healthy agricultural crops and vegetables.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: We’re presently utilizing 3 smaller Solar Systems to power our RV, Bunk House and Water System and Drip Irrigation. The site is “off the grid” and the neighbors utilize Solar also for their households. We are pursuing a Solar array to pump water to the Ponds that we have built along with a Ram Pump and possibly a Undershot water wheel to lift water from the creekbed to the pond elevations. We have a nice, low hour, propane site generator also for back up power. Of course we’re utilizing the vast array of fire wood that was left on site from the beatles years before and have wood burners in the Bunk house, SSS orSustainable Solar Shelter, Tee Pee and recycled Yurt.
Most buildings incorporate passive solar designs and include greenhouses and clerestories for direct and indirect solar gains and growing opportunities.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are presently looking into many “value added” crop and “truck garden” opportunities and plan on utilizing our available water via the creek and springs to grow crops and feilds and in greenhouses that will allow us to be as self-sustaining as possible. The property apparently provided sustinance for two house holds that homesteaded there origionally. It’s also a region where the ancients lived and hosted the Spanish explorers also. (more history to come)

REPURPOSING MATERIALS: We have utilized many recycled products in the development of the property and will continue to do so as opportunities arise. Our main cabin is built from a 20′ shipping container and a wrecked semi trailer. The Yurt was saved after 20 yrs of use and no roof and is ready for use. Our “bunk house” is a reclaimed “oil field” office trailer that measures 12’w x 56′ long and will provide a multi purpose space also. We’ve also incorporated rubber conveyor belting, Insulated oil field sound proofing pannels, sports field astro turf, billboard vinyls for HD spillway tarps on ponds and slip & slide for recreation fun.

Water Rights and Pond Development

PARTNER with us on projects

We are looking for help towards making the accommodations feasible for guests. The frame work is in place and we inviting partners to join us in the various development projects. Here are some of the projects slated for this coming Winter Season;1) Wood Stove installation in Bunk house, Cabine and Yurt. 2) Winterization of water systems, insulating water tank under bunk house and installing toilet and shower and water heater in the bunk bathroom, & installing “skirting” on the Bunk House and Yurt . 3) Installing Septic System for bunk house and cabin. 4) Completing Solar system hook ups and DC lighting and Propane back up Generator. 5) Finish Roof on Pavillion, bunkhouse, and equipment RV shed. WE ARE ALSO needing HELP on fees and $$$$ for Securing the Water Rights and Septic system and other various projects.