Ministry Focus

Jet Set (to be discontinued) one demo set left.

The Jet Set is a fully self-contained multimedia unit that allows the Jesus Film to be viewed by up to 1,500 people at one time in remote locations around the World. See the Jet Set in action »

Turning Point Ministries

This is a work ethic, character development, vocational education Ministry that seeks to develop individuals to “ Be All That They Can Be” with out joining the ARMY. Learn more »


This is an effective memorization system that does what is says. This handy wrist band allows you to memorize scripture, test answers, shopping lists, to do lists, etc. It’s a constant reminder that right in front of your eyes. Check out the Memo-Wrist now »

Music Ministry

We’re involved in Worship music and often do sets for missions outreaches and special events. Learn more about our involvement in this area »

Hospitality Ministry

Come visit the spectacular region in Southwest Colorado. We live in the town of Ridgway, but have the ministry center 2 1/4 hrs West near Dove Creek CO. Learn more »

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