Jet Set

What is the Jet Set?

The Jet Set is a fully self-contained unit that allows the Jesus Film to be viewed by up to 1,500 people at one time in remote locations around the World.

The “TOOL KIT” contains a 3000 lumen projector (can be use in the shade of day if necessary), a portable battery operated (or multiple power source) sound system with extension speaker for dual direction crowds, a two-way/dual-sided projection screen, a mini DV camcorder pre-film showing for crowd pleasing images (seeing themselves on the “big screen” live) and movie player, projector tripod, hand held light, flash light, Sony Cassette player for back ground and attention getting start up effects, lapel and separate handheld wireless mics, set up “tarp” and protection barrier with post/rods.

All of this fits in a water-proof, shock & dust resistant hard shell case to withstand the harshest elements. We also provide a 1,000 watt Honda generator with each Jet Set in order to provide an excellent, cost-effective source of reliable power.

This “TOOL KIT”, coupled with multiple Mini DVD Jesus films in numerous languages (over 850 via the Jesus Film Project) is a revolutionary, cutting edge technological tool to be used to maximize evangelistic efforts and exponentially increase Church planting and discipline making efforts across the Globe.

Jet Set gallery

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